Assorted Crochet Catnip Ball

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Cat Toys by Cattus Toys - Making cute cat toys just for your cat. Each cat toy is handmade with love and care, so your cat is sure to love them! Classic cat toys that every cat is sure to love!

Crochet Catnip Toy Ball is...
- 2 inches (approx)
- Handmade with love.
- Materials: yarn (cotton)
- Organic catnip*
- Small Bells inside

Your cat will love to horde these toys around the house. It's a unique cat lover gift. Your or your friends cat will go wild playing with these toys and these crochet cat toys are durable too, so your cat can play with these toys for hours! All our crochet toys are filled with Organic catnip*, soft fiber fill, sure to make your best feline friend go crazy. These Crochet Catnip Toys are a classic toy every cat will love!

These cat toys are high quality. They are hand-made and hand stitched (with love of course!).

*Cats begin to enjoy catnip when they reach 6-8 months of age. Observe your pet's behavior with this product for suitability. Some items may be inappropriate for you pet.