Crow #7 - The Secret Keeper

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one for sorrow
two for mirth
three for a wedding
four for a birth
five for silver
six for gold
seven for a secret that can't be told....

The seventh in a series of handcrafted pendants by Kimberly McIntyre. Crow #7 was carved in wax with an eye to detail, then cast in sterling silver and hand finished by the artist. He is based in part on a certain crow that greets Kimberly every morning on her farm with a raucous cawing and demands for treats. Black Jack Crow is a mischievous fellow, who demanded that he be carved with the top hat of a specific storyteller. He will not tell who he has stolen it from, but we have our suspicions...

The pendant measures 23mm x 36mm and is entirely sterling silver. He is strung on a fine Greek leather cord and accented by a faceted iolite gemstone dangle. Iolite is a stone of the 3rd eye - of intuition and hidden knowledge. Perhaps it can help to unravel the secrets this fellow is keeping.

18" in length.