Neroli + Chai Soy Candle

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I mentioned my forced fragrance parties earlier and my original fragrance oil collection. It has grown to dozens of samples (I’m pushing 100+) but my very first order had a neroli fragrance oil that rocked my socks. Neroli is the name of the essential oil produced by bitter orange trees, which has a sweet, green, honey-type fragrance.

I knew that it had to be paired with the right blend of fragrances to keep it from being too sweet, so I added in some chai tea and more bitter citrus elements. The result is a floral/spice mix that is soft and pleasant with a slightly sweet note. It’s light and soft but also has a little element of magic to the mix. This one is definitely the head-scratcher not many people are familiar with neroli but once they smell it, they love it!

Smells like: the excitement of spring, the beginning of the weekend, magic.