Trillion Cut Mermaid Sapphire Pre-Order

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Pre-orders will be completed in 6-8 weeks.

Pre-Order starts Friday March 17 at 7pm Atlantic Time! Set your timers!

Open for 48 hours (while quantities last.) Pre-sale closes Sunday March 19 at  7pm  Atlantic Time.

A Limited Edition Mermaid Sapphire ring will be made in your size when you purchase this pre-order. Please allow 6-8 weeks for your Mermaid Sapphire ring to be made.

This is a Limited Edition Sand Band, due to the rarity of the stones - ethically sourced with known origin, Mine-to-market sapphires from a small mine in Madagascar. They are part of a larger parcel of gems that we have from this very unique lot of rough of parti coloured Sapphires that was obtained and cut by our supplier. We were lucky enough to get our hands on these beauties before they were gone! Once the preorder is over, I will be making all of the remaining stones into rings in varying sizes from 4-9, and specific sizes may or may not be available. The stones range from a deep teal to varying shades of teal and blue in the same stone.


The pre-order is the best way for you to ensure that you do not miss out on a trillion Mermaid Sapphire in your size. Sizes 4-13 are offered during the pre-sale. (Any remaining stones will be made into rings ranging from 4-9, and size availability will not be guaranteed.)

Our Mermaid Sapphires are deserving of any mermaid's envy. A sterling silver band, lovingly embossed with the subtle textures of sand gathered from the shores of Prince Edward Island, making it an ode to the Island's natural beauty. The centre stone is a 4mm trillion cut Parti Sapphire from Madagascar, expertly and ethically crafted and selected for its varying shades of exquisite mermaid blue and teal. Our sapphires are the ultimate embodiment of oceanic magic, giving off a calming and serene aura, perfect for any ocean lover. With its oceanic vibes and magical aura, the Mermaid Sapphire is truly a ring for those who appreciate the beauty and power of the sea. A perfect ring to carry the heart of Prince Edward Island on all of your travels...