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At Kuriosities we know your jewelry can be so very personal. Jewelry marks the major milestones in our lives, and tells our stories as we grow. Jewelry ties us to our history, to our family, our loves, our losses, and our children. It is a symbol of futures, and our hopes.

Kuriosities jewelry designer Kimberly McIntyre is a seasoned storyteller. With an Honours degree in Creative Writing from Concordia University, she understands the worth of a story told well, and works alongside her clients to weave their own threads into the pieces that she creates for them. Kimberly has trained with master jewellers in some of the top jewellery schools in North America, and brings that craftsmanship and high atention to detail to all of her custom pieces.

It all begins with a Design Consultation....

Design consultations require a $250 down payment that will act as a credit towards the final price of your piece. During our consultation, Kimberly will get to know you and your story - your vision and hopes for the piece you wish to create. We will discuss materials, select stones, and use your stories to create sketches to begin to breath life into your piece. Kimberly will then provide a quote for your piece. Our current creation time is 8-12 weeks from the time of down payment. Custom design projects start at $2000. 

How long does it take?

The time your piece will take depends on the materials that need to be sourced, the methods of construction, and the complexity of your piece, as well as my current waiting list. Custom creations can range between 4-12 weeks depending on all of these factors.

How much does a custom design piece cost?

My custom work starts at $2000 per piece. The cost of your piece will depend on the time it takes to create your piece and the materials that we settle on together. You will be given a firm quote to be agreed upon before work begins. 50% is due as a non-refundable down payment before work begins, and 50% will be due upon pick up of your finished work. The starting rate for custom work is non-negotiable. A design consult requires a non-refundable $250 payment to secure, which will be credited to the cost of your piece.


What should I bring to our design consult?

Great things to bring/send are any photos for inspiration, pieces from my current collections that inspire you etc.

Can you melt down my old gold and silver and turn it into a new piece?

This is not a service that I currently offer. In order to provide you with the highest quality of work, I use only recycled metals that have been newly refined by my trusted supplier. 

I saw a piece by another designer, but I would rather work with you. Can you re-create the piece that I show you?

No, I would not be the designer for you in this case. A designers work is protected by copyright, and they own the rights to their work. I hate it when somebody copies (steals) my work, and I won’t do that to another designer.

Besides, if you are coming to work with me on a custom piece, I would hope that it is because you are also inspired by my aesthetic and design, and want a piece that is a Kuriosities design!

I can however, look at pieces that inspire you and we can use that as a launching point to brainstorm and create a new piece that is entirely unique.

Please note that all intellectual property rights and copyrights to contracted pieces are retained and owned by the goldsmith Kimberly McIntyre. Kuriosities retains the rights to replicate all designs, and/or close facsimiles of all designs. If you are interested in a One of a Kind piece, that is never to be made again, please contact us about our OOAK pricing.


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