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Looking for permanent jewelry on Prince Edward Island? Kuriosities is proud to be the first and only jeweller on Prince Edward Island to be offering this service!

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Permanent bracelets have been taking the jewelry world by storm, with pop up markets happening all over North America! We are so pleased to be bringing this trend to Charlottetown, and our little shop on Victoria Row - permanently!

What are permanent bracelets?

Our collection of permanent bracelets are dainty linked chains that are welded (safely!) together while on your arm, to create a sleek continuous piece and a unique experience. Permanent bracelets have no clasp.

We use a specialised  piece of equipment, called an arc welder to create a tiny spark that welds the two ends of your chain together while on your wrist. But do not worry! We provide a leather guard to protect your skin from wayward sparks, and eye protection to keep your eyes safe while watching the excitement of the weld!

Jewelry with meaning...

Often called infinity bracelets, they can symbolise the bonds of love, friendship, and commitment. The act of choosing and receiving your bracelet is a unique and bonding experience for couples, best friend groups, bachelorette parties, anniversaries, mothers and daughters (over 16 please!), and birthdays.

But don't think that you have to come in a group! Permanent bracelets are also a strong symbol of self love and self commitment. A wonderful way to mark goals, and set intentions!

Pricing: bracelets pricing will vary according to the style of the chain, the metal, and the length. Bracelet prices start at $78 (including welding) for sterling silver, $98 for 14k gold filled, and $135 for solid gold. 


Step One:

Book your appointment! Each bracelet appointment is 15 minutes long. When booking as a group, book a separate 15 minute block for each person.


Step Two: 

Choose your chain! (See our extensive list of options at the bottom of the page! ) We will show you a variety of dainty chains to choose from during your appointment in silver, 14k gold filled and both 10k and 14k gold with different price points for every budget, starting as low as $78 for sterling silver. This includes your welding fee.

 Step Three: 

Choose your charm! We have a small selection of dainty charms to further personalise your bracelet and your experience. (See our list of options at the bottom of the page! ) Prefer the look of a simple, sleek chain? No worries, charms are entirely optional add on pieces. 

 Step Four:

Get Zapped! Once you have made your selection of both your chain and (optional) charms, it is time to permanently connect your bracelet with our micro welder. We will slip a tiny jump through both end of your chain to connect them into a continuous link, and then will use a tiny spark to weld it together.

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