Fine Jewelry Care

Congratulations on your new jewelry purchase! Jewelry holds such meaning and importance to the wearer, and helps to tell your story. We want you to enjoy your jewelry for many years to come. Following these simple steps will help to extend the life of your fine jewelry piece.


1. Last on, first off. All jewelry should be removed as the first item when undressing at night to avoid being caught in hair, bedclothes and clothing. Chains are most often broken when a shirt or sweater is pulled over the head, or when we turn in our sleep. Earrings are most often broken or lost this way as well. Likewise, jewelry should be the last item to be put on when dressing. The chemicals in hair products, lotions and cosmetics can damage gemstones and metal, so it is best to avoid this by ensuring they are the last item you put on in the morning.


2. Gentle wear. Ensure that jewelry is removed for activities such as sports, swimming, yard work and housework, etc. Jewelry can get caught, tugged and broken during physical activities. Sweat can cause tarnish of sterling. Chlorine and salt water can corrode and damage stones and metals, causing dullness and brittleness. Household cleaners can irreparably damage and discolour jewelry. Chains should be removed when playing with babies and young children, or around puppies. (They have a tendency to be grabbed and tugged.)


3. Hands off.  Do not play, fiddle, or tug on jewelry while being worn. Over time this will cause the metal to harden and weaken, eventually leading to breakage.





We recommend the use of our Sunshine Polishing Cloths to gently care for your silver and gold jewelry.


A yellow Sunshine Jewelry cloth for polishing jewelry.


If additional cleaning is needed, a soft bristle toothbrush, warm water and Dawn dish soap (must be blue Dawn)  used on a regular basis should keep your jewellery shiny and clean. 


Avoid commercially available silver and gold cleaners. They tend to contain harsh chemicals that can damage any stones over time.