Sand Band Rings - Beach Sand Wedding Bands

Sand Bands by Kuriosities are embossed with sand gathered from the shores of Prince Edward Island. Tell your own story with sand bands custom textured with sand and earth that you send to us from your own special beach. Whether family rings telling the story of the sands of home, beach sand wedding bands celebrating your love, memorial rings pairing the ashes of loved ones with the place they lived and loved, or a personal piece reminding you of home - we carefully craft your pieces by hand, with an attention to detail that honours your story.

The beach where your little ones built castles in the sand. The beach where she stood on her tippy toes as you leaned down for your first kiss. The sand you and your beloved dog, now departed, walked every evening. The beach where you exchanged your vows, while your family brushed away happy tears. The beach that reminds you of your strength and that quiet place within. The shores where your father,and his father before him,brought in the daily catch.

These are the stories, your stories, that we weave into the metal.