Launching Wednesday, July 10 at 7pm Atlantic Time online. The collection will be available to view and purchase in-store the afternoon of Thursday, July 11. This collection is currently limited, and we will not be doing another run for months to come!

Introducing (finally!!) our enchanted Wildwood Collection, quiet forest moments captured in metal by our artisan's hands.

Each piece of the wildwood collection is meticulously crafted, featuring:

  • Hand-etched forget-me-not flowers, capturing the essence of delicate memories.
  • Imprints of real fern leaves, preserving the intricate patterns of the forest.
  • Hand-carved leaves, evoking the organic artistry found in the wildwood.

The wildwood collection embodies the serene stillness of deep woodlands, of dappled forest floors and the wonder of discovery found in hidden patches of flowers.

Each piece is a celebration of remembrance, love, and an appreciation for the small, magical moments that nature offers. Embrace the feeling of the forest with jewelry that symbolizes attention and gratitude for life's small fleeting wonders and celebrates our deeply held connection to the natural world.

Welcome to wildwood.