In Store Policies During Covid 19

The way that we do things has changed a little bit during the pandemic to keep our community and our staff safe, while keeping shopping fun!


    • to ensure proper physical distancing, only 4 shoppers may be in the store at one time. When you arrive, please be sure to take one of the four passes before entering the shop. One pass per person (children included, so please be mindful of the limited space).


    • if there is a line outside waiting to go in, only one member per family may shop at one time.


    • Social distancing arrows are marked on the floor to help you navigate the shop while distancing.


    • our staff will be wearing fabric masks while serving you.


    • because we have such a small space, and distancing can be difficult while selecting and trying on jewelry, we ask that you bring your re-usable face mask from home while shopping. In the event that you do not have a mask, we will offer you a disposable mask.


    • we have hand sanitizer just inside the entry to the shop, and ask that all customers sanitize before shopping.


    • please keep touching merchandise limited as much as possible to the items that you intend to purchase.


    • all jewelry that is tried on will be disinfected thoroughly with alcohol before being re-shelved.


    • repairs will be quarantined for a minimum of 3 days before work will be done on the piece.


    • returns will be quarantined for a minimum of 3 days before being re-shelved. Jewellery items will be soaked in alcohol to disinfect them.


    • high touch areas such as doors, counters and debit machines will be disinfected frequently.


    • we will be accepting credit and debit at this time. Tap is encouraged. We will not be accepting cash in the shop for now.


    • Our curbside pick up will remain as a free service to online and telephone shoppers to help support those who are immuno-compromised, high risk and caregivers of the high risk. It is also available for all of our client's convenience at this time <3.