Permanent Bracelet FAQ

What is a permanent bracelet?


A permanent bracelet is a seamless chain, without a clasp. Instead, the chain is permanantly linked with a tiny jump ring that has been fused together with a specialised piece of equipment called an arc welder.


Is it safe?


Yes! The spark produced by the machine is soooooo tiny, the whole process does not hurt at all - in fact you will not even feel it. But! Just to be extra super duper careful and safe, we will cover your skin with a protective piece of soft leather and will also offer you welding glasses to wear during your appointment to shield your eyes from the intensity of the spark.


Is it really permanent?


Yes!..... and no! Your bracelet will stay on until you decide to remove it. You can however, cut it off with scissors if needed.  


What if my bracelet breaks? Can it be put back together?


Accidents happen! We offer re-welding services for $18


Can you zap one of my existing bracelets?


Unfortunately we are only offering this service on chains that we sell in our shop that are specifically for permanent bracelets.


Can my child get zapped?


Currently we are only offering this service for those 16 years and older.