Shawarma Sauce - Hot Ones Season 13

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For Hot Ones Season 13, our friends at Dawson’s Hot Sauce created a knockout of a sauce with a cayenne pepper base and loads of rich, savory spices. A dollop of honey sweetens the magic, and Dawson’s blends it with extra virgin olive oil to achieve their signature luxurious texture. The deep, earthy notes of the spices combined with the luxurious honey make this sauce the perfect companion for meat that’s been cooked on a stick! Try it with roasted cauliflower, hummus or falafel, too. Or on a sandwich. Or a spoon.

This sauce is heavily influenced by middle eastern spice blends and the culture of take out shawarma shops.
Our shawarma sauce is mild, incredibly bright in taste, with smooth notes from garlic, extra virgin olive oil and honey.
The spice blend is familiar, yet unique in a hot sauce and a must try.
Mild 3/10 on the heat meter. 155ml woozy bottles.

Ingredients: Cayenne, vinegar, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, honey, spices, red chili pepper, sea salt, granulated garlic, chili powder Size: 5 oz Made in Hamilton, ON, Canada